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How to: Dramatically speed up your LG Optimus 2X!

I was messing around with my beloved Android-phone the other day. Using the method described in this post, I was able to succesfully increas the performance of my phone. I mean, really increase the performance!

Read on for some tips on how to get rid of that annoying LG Bloatware, and dramatically increase the performance of your 2X, without the use of custom roms.

Please notice that this method requires you to root your Optimus 2X. This will break your warranty, and could potentially harm your phone. That being said, rooting is really easy on a 2X, and I personally had no problem doing it.

**PLEASE NOTICE!! Rooting your Android and using the app’s described in this posts may harm your phone, if you’re not careful. Please take your time to read up on the apps and methods. Should you experience any problems, I don’t take any responsibility !!NOTICE PLEASE**

I used the following method on my LG Optimus 2X. I haven’t tried it on any other phones, but I would image that results might be the same.

Here’s the method, step by step:

1. Backup everything! This includes messages, pictures, music, other files, and most importantly; contacts! (I forgot to backup my contacts *facepalm*)

2. Root your 2X. Personally, I used the program SuperOneClick – It’s very simple, and fast. *Please, follow the instructions on the website carefully*

3. Install Bloat Freezer. This program allows you to freeze the programs you do not wish to use. This way, you can get rid of bloatware safely, by simply “hiding” them from your system.

4. Use Bloat Freezer to freeze that nasty bloatware. *Be careful what you freeze – freezing something vital may seriously harm your phone* Here’s a couple of small lists of apps that are safe to remove: 1, 2. Personally, I freezed:

  • Live Wallpapers
  • App Advisor
  • Car Home
  • E-mail
  • FM-radio
  • Memo
  • News and Weather
  • On-screen Phone
  • Polaris Office
  • RemoteCall
  • SmartShare
  • SNS
  • Google Talk
  • Weather and Clock
  • WordClock-Widget
  • Yahoo! News

As you may have noticed, I don’t like stock apps and widgets in general. I want to find my own, and not have the stock ones drag down the phones performance.

5. Make sure you backed up everything. This is important!

6. Do a factory reset. This is not to be confused with a hard reset.. Anyway, do a factory reset, by navigating to Settings –> Privacy –> Factory Data Reset.

7. Wait..

8. Enjoy your new Android. Notice how everything is reset, yet your phone is still rooted, and the apps that you froze, still doesn’t appear! This is the trick: By freezing the bloatware, and then doing a factory reset, your phone will appear as it did when you first booted it – but without the bloatware!

9. Install MinFreeManager. This allows you to change the settings for Android’s built-in memory manager.

10. Change the settings in MinFreeManager. Personally I used the settings on this website (the ones posted by richdoc).

11. Cheerish your Optimus 2X.

That’s all folks. How did this work out for you? Please leave a comment, and let me know!

  1. Steve
    May 13, 2012 at 04:53

    this has transformed my 2x from a phone that had continual lag issues to a great performer. i think mini free manager was the key improvement, as i had already tried rooting and freezing most of the apps listing [i used titanium backup] which made little difference, i tried all manner of speed boosters and task managers without any long term results. well done minifreemanager

    • May 15, 2012 at 11:44

      Hi Steve!
      I agree, MinFreeManager is a great tool. It has greatly improved the performance of my phone, both on stock rom and custom roms. I’m glad the post was helpful πŸ™‚

  2. GB
    December 1, 2012 at 15:03

    Interesting, will try this out and let you know. I am frustrated with my sluggish LG Optimus 2X

  3. June 13, 2014 at 00:57

    Works like a charm. Though I’d recommend using System App Remover (ROOT) instead of Bloat Freezer. Just uninstall every app which you don’t like and you have a perfect 2x cellphone. πŸ˜€

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